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IMERT's Mission

IMERT Team Mission


IMERT, the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team, is comprised of some 600+ volunteers from every region of the state. These individuals come from the medical and emergency response community as well as the private sector. The volunteers train to respond to communities impacted by disasters that result in the paralysis or destruction of the healthcare infrastructure. The primary mission is to provide interim medical care by supporting local and regional resources as directed by the Incident Commander.  Conditions are often austere, requiring responders to be self-sufficient.



IMERT has responded to numerous emergencies, disasters, and high risk/high profile events around the state as well as to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Katrina.

The IMERT program is multi-faceted and is capable of a flexible, scalable medical response. The other crucial piece for response capability is the logistics component. This group is comprised of volunteers with special skill sets such as; information technology, communications, HAM radio operators, materials management, scene safety, and resource management.

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SWMD Applications are being accepted.  Please read below and in the Team Members section for more information

Recent News

News Articles


6/2/2014 - Dr. Heilicser marks 30 years
6/18/2013 - Mary Connelly Honored with Directors Award
5/22/2013 - IMERT Recognized during EMS Week
2/28/2013 - Earthquake Drill a Success
10/5/2012 - Heritage Harbor WMD training
6/15/2012 - Dr. Lee Awarded the IPHA Director's Recognition Award Read more...
12/20/2011 - IMERT Volunteers Honored
5/24/2011 - Missouri Update
5/9/2011 - Southern Region Deployment Wrap-up
5/7/2011 - Cairo Demobilization Effort

More news articles.


News Briefs

Log into the Team Member section to view archived Monthly News Briefs

Upcoming Events

All IMERT training and educational opportunities will be posted here, within the Upcoming Events section of the website.


Deployment Operations Course: Radiation Basics
July 31

ILEAS Training Center
Urbana, IL

This training consists of a review of radiation basics, sources of radiation routinely encountered by medical professionals and law enforcement personnel, and what actions should be taken when what is encountered exceeds the routine. Key to this will include discussions covering the handling of contaminated patients, decontamination measures for both the patient and you, and known biological effects of high radiation exposures. Live sources are incorporated throughout the class in order for attendees to increase their level of comfort around radiation in a controlled environment, rather than in a more uncontrolled fashion in the workplace.
IMERT policy and procedure and deployment operations will also be reviewed.

Event Information/Printable Brochure
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Deployment Operations Course: International Disaster Response
August 1st

ILEAS Training Center
Urbana, IL

This session, provided from the perspective of an experienced international disaster responder, will cover deployment challenges, operational considerations, and an overview of the international medical response to disasters in developing countries.  Areas covered will include responder health and safety, communication challenges, and coping with medical surge.  The presentation will provide the attendee with examples of real world experiences gleaned from participation on international medical response teams including cultural differences and public health successes.
IMERT policy and procedure and deployment operations will also be reviewed.

Event Information/Printable Brochure
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August 4-6

ILEAS Training Center
Urbana, IL

This course will address specific fundamentals and skills associated with an emergency response to a WMD incident. The training will include detailed technical information and hands-on practice of actions required of emergency responders. Of special interest is the emphasis on collecting forensically valid samples, which is accomplished through maintaining a secure chain-of-custody from the time of collection through laboratory analysis.

For more information, to register or individual course flyers, contact Michele Watson at


Deployment Operations Course: Logistic Operations
August 28

ILEAS Training Center
Urbana, IL

This course will focus on Communications Equipment, Medical equipment/supplies and deployable assets that may be encountered at an IMERT Alternate Care Site. There will be live demonstrations and hands-on opportunities.
IMERT policy and procedure and deployment operations will also be reviewed.

Event Information/Printable Brochure
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