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IMERT's Mission

IMERT Team Mission


IMERT, the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team, is comprised of some 600+ volunteers from every region of the state. These individuals come from the medical and emergency response community as well as the private sector. The volunteers train to respond to communities impacted by disasters that result in the paralysis or destruction of the healthcare infrastructure. The primary mission is to provide interim medical care by supporting local and regional resources as directed by the Incident Commander.  Conditions are often austere, requiring responders to be self-sufficient.



IMERT has responded to numerous emergencies, disasters, and high risk/high profile events around the state as well as to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Katrina.

The IMERT program is multi-faceted and is capable of a flexible, scalable medical response. The other crucial piece for response capability is the logistics component. This group is comprised of volunteers with special skill sets such as; information technology, communications, HAM radio operators, materials management, scene safety, and resource management.

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Recent News

News Articles


6/2/2014 - Dr. Heilicser marks 30 years
6/18/2013 - Mary Connelly Honored with Directors Award
5/22/2013 - IMERT Recognized during EMS Week
2/28/2013 - Earthquake Drill a Success
10/5/2012 - Heritage Harbor WMD training
6/15/2012 - Dr. Lee Awarded the IPHA Director's Recognition Award Read more...
12/20/2011 - IMERT Volunteers Honored
5/24/2011 - Missouri Update
5/9/2011 - Southern Region Deployment Wrap-up
5/7/2011 - Cairo Demobilization Effort

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News Briefs

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Upcoming Events

All IMERT training and educational opportunities will be posted here, within the Upcoming Events section of the website.


Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives
6 weeks takes 3-5

Children around the world experience severe adversity in different forms, including maltreatment, disaster, war, and terrorism. Some children manage to adapt and recover, showing resilience, while others do not. What do we know about resilience and how to protect child development in the face of potentially life-altering adversities? This course will examine the global literature on resilience in children and youth, with a focus on core concepts, methods scholars use to study resilience, highlights of lessons learned from half a century of research, and applications to promote resilience in children whose lives are threatened by extreme adversity.

The class will consist of six major topics, one per week. Each week will include a series of short lectures or video presentations, approximately 10-18 minutes each. In addition, there will be one or two readings and “active learning” assignments, such as completing a brief interview or survey, commenting on readings or films, and engaging in a forum discussion online.

For more information and registration


Deployment Operations Course: Pediatric Considerations After Disaster
April 24

Swedish American Hospital
Rockford, IL

This presentation will provide an overview of the unique vulnerabilities of children during and after a disaster and review strategies and resources that can assist disaster responders in being better prepared to meet the needs of children. An interactive scenario-based exercise will be conducted during the session to assist participants in identifying specific strategies to address the needs of children during an IMERT deployment.
IMERT policy and procedure and deployment operations will be discussed. Additional topics to be determined.

Event Information/Printable Brochure
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April 26-28, 2015

Mark your calendars now for next year’s ILEAS Conference! ILEAS has decided to go with new dates to avoid the weather issues of early March. The conference will once again be held at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield.

More Information


Hospital First Receiver Decontamination
April 29

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
251 E Huron Street
Feinberg Pavilion
Third Floor Conference Room D
Chicago, IL 60611

The program content has been re-designed to meet OSHA requirements for Hospital First Receivers which now consists of an 8hr program. The awareness level training will be completed by the participant prior to the class. The training content consists of an-line program that provides power point slides, a self- study guide and a post test.
To register, see the course brochure.

Event Information/Printable Brochure


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